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Divorce and family law create complicated problems.

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Feingold Horton, PLLC brings dedication and the highest professional standards to the practice of divorce and family law. We represent clients in complex cases involving substantial assets, business interests, professional practices, and contested child custody issues with efficiency and meticulous care. We also represent individuals in less complicated cases with the same personal attention. We pride ourselves on delivering sophisticated legal and financial analysis to every client.

The attorneys at Feingold Horton possess the legal and financial acumen that is essential to guide our clients through difficult issues that may arise from a dissolution of marriage such as child custody, visitation and support, and modifications of parenting time or support. The attorneys also provide expertise in negotiating pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, identifying and valuing businesses and other assets, and addressing complex jurisdictional disputes. In addition, the attorneys provide strategic litigation at trial if necessary. Feingold Horton, PLLC offers unbundled consultation and representation services for all domestic cases.

Feingold Horton, PLLC also offers mediation services wherein the mission is to assist parties wherever they may be in the litigation process to negotiate a successful resolution that allows each individual to move forward in an emotionally balanced and financially cost-effective manner.

The attorneys of Feingold Horton PLLC

Practice Areas

Dissolution of Marriage/Legal Separation/Civil Union

  • Substantial familiarity and experience in high net worth cases
  • Valuing closely held businesses and private investments with a view towards structuring property settlements
  • Working closely with experts to litigate the value of marital assets
  • Determining the true economic benefit or income a person receives from a privately held business for purposes of determining support
  • Locating and tracing marital assets and income
  • Structuring support arrangements to achieve maximum total after-tax family cash flow
  • Achieving practical, cost-effective approaches to resolving complex financial issues
  • Assisting clients from all financial backgrounds in structuring, negotiating and/or litigating an equitable property division

Child Custody Issues

  • Advising clients in establishing comprehensive Parenting Plans that meets the child’s best interests
  • Litigating all aspects of child custody including the allocation of parental responsibilities; decision making responsibility; parenting ; abuse; neglect; parental competency; substance abuse and fitness; paternity; special needs issues; relocation and removal; and jurisdictional issues
  • Post-divorce modification of parenting time issues

Post-Decree Issues

  • Seeking or defending against modification of parenting time and decision making
  • Seeking or defending against modification of maintenance and child support
  • Implementation and enforcement of prior judgments or agreements, including pursuing and defending contempt actions


  • Jennifer Feingold and Fran Fontana are an attorney-mediators who provide cost effective mediation services in an efficient manner
  • Ms. Feingold and Ms. Fontana offer mediation to resolve disputes related to all aspects of family law, including divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, maintenance and post-decree matters
  • Often, mediation is an important tool to alleviate the stress and reduce the conflict that comes with domestic disputes — Ms. Feingold and Ms. Fontana work hard with parties to reach a fair and amicable resolution

Limited Scope Representation/ Unbundled Services

  • A cost-effective means of obtaining legal help for clients who feel comfortable representing themselves in their cases but also like to have the assistance of a skilled attorney as needed
  • Allows the client to drive their own case forward as a self-represented party while obtaining legal services as needed
  • Client may choose to have assistance a la cart including:
    • Assessing legal and financial issues
    • Negotiating a settlement or preparing for mediation
    • Assisting with the review and drafting of legal documents
    • Preparing for hearing
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Parenting Coordinator/Decision Maker (PCDM) Arbitration

  • Facilitating communication and providing guidance on implementation of the parenting plan
  • Assist with problem solving and improving communication between parents
  • Interpret existing parenting plans to provide binding decisions (as Decision Maker)
  • Resolve pre- and post-divorce disputes through arbitration
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Firm Partners

Jennifer Feingold

Jennifer specializes in all aspects of family law in Colorado, including dissolution of marriage, allocation of parental responsibilities, child custody, child support, maintenance, paternity, pre and post marital agreement, jurisdictional disputes, post-decree matters and appeals, as well as provides mediation services for family law matters.

Pic of Jennifer Feingold
Picture of Lorna Horton


Lorna brings years of litigation experience to her practice in family law. She focuses on the individual needs of her clients, the goals they hope to accomplish and the solutions that will work best for the family. While a strong advocate for her client, she also believes that positive relationships among parties should be encouraged and she is very attentive to the best interests of the children.

Of Counsel

Fran Fontana

Fran Fontana is an attorney licensed to practice family law in the State of Colorado. Born and raised in Evanston, Illinois, she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Iowa with a major in psychology and her Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Denver, College of Law.  Ms. Fontana has been licensed to practice law since 1987. She has been Of Counsel to Feingold Horton PLLC since June of 2019. 

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